What format do you require for our own Engraving or Printing artwork?

An EPS file is ideal. A high quality TIFF or JPG file is okay. We also support GIF, AI, CDR and PSD. 100% Black against a 100% White background (no colours or greys).

I have not got a Black and White drawing of my artwork – will colour do?

Sorry, no. We do offer to redraw artwork to a high standard and will quote upon sight. Please note that we do retain copyright of any artwork we prepare and will not forward it to you, even if you have paid us to prepare it.

What format do you require my Photo-engraving or Graphic in?

We need a high quality colour or B&W PDF, JPG, GIF, TIFF, or PSD file. Note that photo-engraving works best with ‘strong’ photographs with plenty of contrast. The engraved item shows best against a black background, lighted from above. We will not engrave photographs copyrighted by a third party.

Do you provide Proofs?

If you would like a Proof prior to engraving, please indicate this on the order form. You will receive your proof shortly before we start the engraving process and your order will be held up while we wait for your approval.

What are Pantone Colours?

These are colour/shade specific to a standard industry numbering system. Each shade/colour has its own number – and there are different numbers for printing the colour onto matte or glossy papers too! Due to the translucency of glass, we cannot work to Pantone Colours.

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In the event that I receive something from you, which is broken, or I consider defective, what do I do?

We require photographic evidence to either claim from our carriers or for training purposes. We will refund or replace upon receiving photographs. In the event you receive a damaged item, please also comment on the quantity and state of the packaging. We do not replace Printed products (but we do Refund) due to the logistics of setting up equipment to produce one or two items. Note that we receive very few problems of this nature. We do pack very carefully and our engravers are highly skilled.

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