Despatch Timescales and Carriage Charges

Blank glass orders are usually despatched the same or next day, providing stock is available.

Engraved or Printed glass orders are despatched a minimum of 3 working days from order, dependant on suitable artwork provided or proof approved.
A supa-fast surcharge is applied to orders despatched sooner than 3 working days and is automatically added during the checkout process.

Orders over £250 (excluding VAT) delivered in the UK mainland qualify for carriage paid (i.e. free) delivery. We despatch on a 48 hour delivery service, but, depending on your delivery location, you may be able to upgrade to 24 hour, Timed or Saturday delivery at the difference in cost.

There is a carriage charge for orders below £250 (excluding VAT) and these costs are shown during the checkout process and although extremely accurate, are for guidance only.

Depending on your location and contents of your order, various Shipping options are available:
ParcelForce (insured), such as 24 hour, 48 hour, 2-4 Day Delivery, etc.
Royal Mail (not insured and at your risk), available for orders of single items within the size/weight limits of post.

If you wish to collect your order, please choose that option from the list of carriage options shown on your order summary.

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How to Shop

To browse, click on the Shop button at the top of the page. If you know what you require, enter the product code or description into the Search box on the top right-hand side, then click Search.

When you have found the product you require, click on its picture or name. You will be taken to a page showing a larger picture, together with more information about the item, and price. Prices vary according to quantity ordered and the type of decoration you require (Plain, Engraved or Printed).

Images on this site are for illustrative purposes only. They are not indicative of orders nor are they endorsed by the individual companies, whose logos may appear on these images.

Once you are viewing a product, you can then choose the type of decoration required. Click on the appropriate button.

A page will appear which allows you to Configure the order (choose the quantity of the product, and if appropriate, allows you to specify the design & layout of engraving [and colour for printing]).

Some ‘sets’ of glasses can be individually decorated. Under these circumstances, our web site allows you to specify the decoration for each item or type of item, for example, a set of 6 glasses can be engraved with the same design, or they can each be engraved with a different design.

When you have configured an item, it will be added to your order. You may then choose to return to the shop, or you can checkout.

Each order is preset with the contact information for your ‘profile’, contained in your registration information. You can change the invoice or delivery address (changing the delivery address may alter your carriage charge).

To check out, click the “Checkout” button at the bottom of the order and proceed through the various stages of checkout as you are prompted.

We may send you ‘order updates’ to inform you about the stage of processing your order. Until we have prepared the artwork (if any) for your order, you will be able to review and modify your order. Simply log-in to your account on our website, review the order, change or add to it as required, then send it to us.

You may find that amendments or additions are not possible because the order has already entered production or our accounting system. Under these circumstances please contact us and we will usually be able to change your order.

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Other FAQs

How do I get into the Glass Engraving Business?

There are a number of ways of engraving glass/crystal. Laser, machine, hand and sandblasting. We prefer the latter, due to the deep, even and faithful finish. The equipment required can be obtained from us. Allow around £5k for a complete set of equipment including Free training (2 x 4 hour sessions which we guarantee will give you the confidence you need to engrave and maintain your equipment). Then you may need samples, so add on as much as you can – a bigger range will attract more customers. Then you need to Market your business (we can help with this, in the form of catalogues, websites etc.). If you are serious, talk with us first and avoid the many pitfalls.

I have a customer who wants glasses made out of recycled glass. Can you help?

We know of two companies that make glasses out of recycled glass and that is all they do. The quantities would have to be substantial and we would need to know the shape of glass required, the budget and the customer’s lead time. We would then investigate the possibility of supply.

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Why can I only have goods sent on 24 hour service, it’s expensive for one item!

During checkout there will normally be several options for delivery. There will certainly be one for 48 hour – and maybe for First Class Post too, if the item does not weigh too much.

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Can you hot foil block die cut boxes?

No. The boxes only have a thin layer of paper over the corrugated card. We only hot foil block rigid boxes. Tubes can be pad printed but not hot foil blocked.

I need a die cut box for a decanter but it needs to be bigger than the ones you already supply. Can you get them made for me?

Yes we can, but the minimum quantity is 1000 pieces.

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About our Website

What are my favourite items?

Your favourites list contains all of the products that you have marked as a favourite.

You can add an product to this list by clicking on the heart icon located underneath the main image when viewing a product page.

You can remove a product from this list by clicking on the heart icon a second time.

Products you have made your favourites will have the heart icon illuminated in red. You can also see all your favourites.., and add them to an order directly from that page.

Why can I only buy items in ‘Singles’?

The default photograph shown first on the website is for Singles. Alongside the main image are other products with different Packaging Options. Click on the catalogue number of your choice and the photograph and prices will swap places with the Singles option.

Your website says Logo + 12 words. Can I have extra words?

Yes, we will engrave or print additional words for a small extra charge and our ordering service will calculate this for you. This is providing the piece/s you select are large enough to take the additional text.

What’s the difference between Earle and Inverness Crystal Brands?

They are exactly the same products, the only difference is in the packaging. Earle products are supplied in Import Boxes (white, brown, blue card) and Inverness Crystal are all supplied in Branded, Satin Lined Boxes.

I am having trouble adding items to my order – my order is always empty

Certain security settings on your PC may prevent our website from remembering your order. We use ‘cookies’ to associate a person with an order.

To change your security settings in Internet Explorer, please do the following:

  1. Pull down the Tools menu of Internet Explorer.
  2. Select Internet Options.
  3. Select the Privacy tab.
  4. Click the Advanced button.
  5. Check Override automatic cookie handling.
  6. Select Accept for First-party Cookies
  7. Check the Always allow session cookies box.

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What Forms of Printing do you offer?

Two forms:

  1. Pad Printing can be up to 4 colours. It is the least expensive but could be removed if someone took a sharp hobby knife to the print. Not suitable for dish washers.
  2. Decal Transfer Printing is labour intensive and fired in a kiln at 600°C. We can provide as many different colours as you require, but not to Pantone colours. Although we do not recommend washing any glass in a dish washer, the print will last for many hundreds of washes before it starts to fade.

If you are interested in Printing, please ask for our Information Sheets.

Which colours do you offer for Pad Printing?

Frosted Colour print is the most popular, because it emulates the colour of deep engraving. You can also select from Black, Dark Blue, Gold, Orange, Purple, Red, Silver, Light Blue, White and Yellow. We will also mix colours to be near to your requirements, but not to Pantone colours, due to the translucency of glass.

What are Pantone Colours?

These are colour/shade specific to a standard industry numbering system. Each shade/colour has its own number – and there are different numbers for printing the colour onto matte or glossy papers too! Due to the translucency of glass, we cannot work to Pantone Colours.

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When do you take payment?

Credit/Debit Card payments are taken at the point of despatch of your order.

Do you pass my details on to any third parties?

We do not pass on your details to anyone else for marketing purposes. We respect your privacy and will only contact you in the course of our business e.g. during the course of an order’s progress through our systems.

For more information, please see our Privacy Policy.

How secure will my payment details be when I have given them to you?

We use Stripe for credit and debit card payments. Stripe has been audited by an independent PCI Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) and is certified as a PCI Level 1 Service Provider. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry.

I want to do regular business with you. Why can’t I have an account?

We are no longer opening credit accounts for customers. We believe that the age of extended credit is disappearing. We pay for goods up to 4 months in advance of receiving them. We then store those goods on our shelves before they are sold. To then offer extended credit is an expense which we feel is unwarranted.

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I have sent you an order – can I add to it?

Yes, you can add, amend or remove plain (blank) glass items from an order until we have sent you an e-mail indicating that the order is ‘being packed’.

For Engraved or Printed orders, you can do the same until we start engraving or printing. We will then send you an e-mail indicating that this is proceeding.

If you are paying by via a BACS you may find that amendments or additions are not possible because the order has already entered our accounting system. Under these circumstances please contact us and we will usually be able to change your order.

Can I place an order for plain (blank) glass and have it held waiting for me to add to it?

No, but you can create a new order and not send it to us. It will appear in your list of open orders. You can add, amend or remove items. We don’t act on any order until it is sent to us.

You can add to an order until it is ‘scheduled’.

If you are paying by via a BACS you may find that amendments or additions are not possible because the order has already entered our accounting system. Under these circumstances please contact us and we will usually be able to change your order.

Will I get updates on my order?

Our website automatically updates you at every stage your order reaches in our system. Ask for our Website Information Sheet and you will gain valuable knowledge about this powerful business tool.

Is there a Maximum order limit – how much can you handle?

No, there is no maximum, although current stock levels, lead times on supplier’s deliveries and your own lead time are all factors in determining the viability of an order. Let’s talk about your requirements – we will not take an order on and then let you down (short of war or pestilence!).

The item is a gift for my spouse. What steps will you take to ensure he/she does not know about the gift?

Make a note on your order and we will exercise absolute discretion if we need to ‘phone.

What if I want to cancel or change my order?

You can log in to your account and change any order up to the time you receive an email saying ‘Order Scheduled’. After that time, you need to ‘phone to change your order. After engraving or printing has been completed, we regret that we cannot refund, as per Regulation 13C of the Distance Selling Regulations 2000.

How can I see which sales are paid and which are not, or if they are part paid?

Please telephone or email Carl and ask for a Statement of your account. Please note that currently, we are not opening new credit accounts for customers.

How do I know which Invoice No. correlates to which sale?

The Sale Number appears on each Invoice.

How do I know when I will receive my order?

At time of ordering you will be able to enter your ‘Required By’ date. That date is the date by which you should receive your order. If your order is on a 24 hour service it will be sent the previous working day to your ‘Required By’ date. If your order is on a 48 hour service we will send it out 2 days prior to your ‘Required By’ date. Please note that we use ParcelForce who do not Guarantee their service.

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I only want words engraved. Why do you ‘strongly suggest’ that a design is required as well?

Words alone engraved on glass look very ‘bland’. A Design ‘lifts’ the words and makes for a better impression. Even a Scroll underneath the words will enhance the engraving.

Can you engrave in more than one place on an item?

Yes, more often than not, we can. Tablets look best when engraved on both back and front surfaces – text on the front and design on the back. Solid blocks of glass/crystal reflect images and text when engraved on more than one side – on the base too!

Your website says Logo + 12 words. Can I have extra words?

Yes, we will engrave additional words for a small extra charge and our ordering service will calculate this for you. This is providing the piece/s you select are large enough to take the additional engraving.

I would like to have some colour in the engraving (for a Ruby or Silver Anniversary for instance)

Yes, we can infill the engraving with colour. We offer Gold (Bright or Dark), Silver, Red, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Green, Yellow, White and Black. We can also mix colours to achieve your needs. Note that we cannot work to Pantone colours, due to the translucency of glass.

Will you add to an Existing Engraving?

Yes, if the existing engraving comes up to our standards and there is sufficient space.

Will you engrave my own glass?

Yes, but we do make a surcharge to our engraving costs. You will find it less expensive to select from our extensive range.

How long does it take to produce an order?

We quote 10 working days by default, but can usually supply within 3 working days. If an even faster service is required, our engravers will work overtime and we charge an additional £ 10 or 10% whichever is the greater. Just tell us the Required By Date on your order and we will do the rest.

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