E-Commerce Help: Delegation

If you wish you can have The Glass Scribe fulfill any orders placed on your site that use our products. We will despatch direct to your customers without disclosing its origin.

E-Commerce Help: Glass Engraver Directory

The Glass Engraver is a promotional website for wholesale customers of The Glass Scribe. We use it to promote and advertise those customers to sell throughout the UK. Being listed within its directory gives you immediate access to new customers.

E-Commerce Help: Visitor and Sales tracking

We provide you with statistical information showing you which categories and products your visitors are looking at and searching for, and details of the number and value of your sales. This helps you optimise and improve your website and your business.

E-Commerce Help: Free Subdomain

For your website, you can either use a subdomain such as mywebsite.glass-engraver.co.uk, or link a domain which you own to your website. In the latter case we will provide instructions on what you need to do to make that link.

How to embed your Free Web Page in your website

Free Web Pages work by embedding an HTML frame inside a page on your own website. The code to insert is of the following format:

<iframe width="##WIDTH##" height="##HEIGHT##" frameborder="1" scrolling="auto"

Items in the above code that are surrounded with ## indicate that the respective contents should be changed as follows:

  • ##WIDTH##
    The width (in pixels) that you want the page to be. We recommend a minimum value of 850. If you would like the page to stretch to accommodate the size available use the value 100%.
  • ##HEIGHT##
    Replace with the height (in pixels) that you want the page to be.
  • ##EMBED_KEY##
    Replace with your own Embed Key. You can find your Embed Key by clicking the link titled ‘e-Commerce Settings’ in your Account. This Key is a unique identifier that associates your organisation with the access to the Glass Scribe website. An Embed Key is always 32 characters long.

Example: Here is some completed code:

<iframe width="100%" height="850" frameborder="1" scrolling="auto"

Free web pages work with Internet Explorer 7 and above, Firefox 1 to 4 and Chrome. Safari is also supported, although there is some configuration required, because Safari is too restrictive in how it handles ‘third party cookies’. Under such circumstances your web page will notify visitors what needs to be done.

Important note: Because this an embedded page which refers to an HTTP address, you cannot embed this in a site that is secure, i.e. beginning with HTTPS.

If you require assistance with embedding, we can help you. Our charge is £50 plus £50 per hour (or part thereof) beyond the first hour.

Please note: Free e-Commerce Sites work completely differently and do not require the above code.

Free Website for You!

That’s right, a FREE website for you!  Genuine, Verified traders, registered on our website have access to an E-commerce Website.

No Catches, No Ifs and No Buts!

Free Website – Free Hosting – Free Domain Name*

All Glass Scribe Products, on both Website Options, are always kept up-to-date. There is no maintenance work for you to do, saving you many hours of work and leaving you with time to develop your business.

* Free Domain Name (such as www.derrycrystal.glass-engraver.co.uk) – or – use your own (such as www.orkneycrystal.com).

Free Web Page

A ‘page’, which opens within your existing website, providing a catalogue of all Glass Scribe Products. The catalogue operates in exactly the same way as The Glass Scribe Shop, but without the shopping cart. There are facilities to ‘drill down’ through product ranges, to individual products below, or Search for a product. Optionally, you can show our RRP.

Always kept up-to-date and forever Free.

Free E-Commerce Website

A stand-alone website, with full Shop and Shopping Cart facilities. We can provide you with a Free Subdomain to glass-engraver.co.uk,or you can use your own domain. Upload your own distinctive Header and Footer and select your own website colours. Add a FAQ page and as many other pages as you wish. The website will become completely your own, reflecting your style.

Glass Scribe product details, images and live stock quantities are all kept up-to-date for you. Your customers can buy plain products, engraved products or printed products, paying you by credit / debit card or Paypal. You choose what to show, what to markup by and whether to fulfill orders yourself, or have us provide them for you (under plain label).

Upload your own products, set your own markups, delivery times and costs. Change your other suppliers’ prices with a simple spreadsheet download, change costs and upload. All in one place, convenient and slick.

You are also offered the opportunity to join other customers on our Promotional Website, in the Directory, promoting your website and company specialities.

Take a look at the Benefits, below, and read our introductory brochure.


  • Your own website, hosted Free, saving you £££ per year.
  • Free Domain Name (www.yourname.glass-engraver.co.uk), or use your own (www.yourname.co.uk).
  • Upload your own Header and Footer.
  • Change the colours of your website.
  • Shopping Basket, with payment by credit/debit card or PayPal.
  • FAQ Page, for you to fill in, to personalise your new website.
  • Add any amount of pages & images, or we can write them for you (charges apply).
  • Free Masterclasses on how to write pages and customise your website.
  • Free support during working hours. We will do our best to make your new website successful.
  • Product Search mechanism, or customers can click down through Categories, to browse Products.
  • Upload your own Engraving Designs, or use ours.
  • Free sitemap, to aid SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) for Google and other search engines.
  • No reference to The Glass Scribe on your website.


  • Your choice of mark-ups, on wholesale prices; globally, by category or product-by-product.
  • All Glass Scribe products, images and information are always up-to-date.
  • Current stock-holding of products held in the Glass Scribe warehouse are shown on your website – which stops people ordering what is not available.
  • Show or un-show any Glass Scribe product.
  • Delegate the supply of Glass Scribe products (incl. engraving) to us, or do it yourself – we will always supply printed items.
  • Great if you are a drop-shipper, or need to take a holiday.


  • Upload your own products (e.g. Trophies), one at a time, or a whole range – and set your own:
    Categories and sub-categories of products.
    Mark-up on your supplier/s costs.
    Engraving charges.
    Carriage charges.
    Lead times for delivery.
  • Upload your own library of Trophy Centres.
  • Download your product list, change costs & upload again, for fast updating of prices of your own products.
  • Sell your products online, 24/7.
  • If you have delegated to us to fulfil Glass Scribe orders and your customer buys both Glass Scribe product/s and your products, both carriage charges are added together.
  • Helpful Masterclasses. Learn how to make your website work for you.


  • Optional listing on the Directory at www.glass-engraver.co.uk, which drives traffic to listed e-Commerce websites (specifications & subscriptions apply).
  • We spend £400+ per month on Google Adwords, attracting visitors to The Promotional Website.
  • The Promotional Website has 120+ pages of information; attracting 2,500+ visitors per month.

Equipment and Training

Here at The Glass Scribe, we advocate Sandblasting as the best form of commercial glass and crystal engraving, bettered only by Hand Engraving!

We have been in the business of supplying successful glass engravers with glass engraving equipment, training them in glass engraving and supplying ongoing support and supplies for all their various needs, for 35 years.

As specialists in Sandblasting, we offer a comprehensive suite of professional equipment, tools and consumables, along with training courses tailored to your needs.  Whether you are just starting your business or looking to improve and enhance your existing engraving services, we can help you!

Only Sandblasting can provide a deeply engraved, high quality, matt white, crisp finish, even with the most intricate of designs, as the picture below illustrates.  What you see below is a photograph looking through a piece of crystal at an engraving on the base.  The part of the engraving you see is in an area of just 40mm (1.4″) across!
An example of a glass deeply engraved with crisp, detailed lines using the Sandblasting method



Taking it one step further and, using very fine media (aluminium oxide, also known as sandblasting grit), it is possible to engrave Photographs and graphic images in the same way.
An example of Halftone Engraving. An item engraved with a Photograph using the Sandblasting method


How can you achieve these results?

Rayzist Mask/Stencil Making Equipment

We stock various kits for making your own glass engraving masks/stencils.  Whether you require a full set-up, or are looking to switch to a superior and more cost effective mask making system, we have a kit for you.  Instructions are supplied with every kit and help via telephone and e-mail is freely available.  Tools and Consumables are stocked in depth, ensuring your ease of access.

The Pressure Pot Sandblasting Cabinets – Rayzist Sandcarvers

2034VXA – A Glass Engraving Cabinet that, in addition to being a professional glass blasting machine, is also capable of engraving stone, wood metal and some plastics.  A Pressure Pot system that will enable you to sandblast quickly and efficiently.

Dual Door entry, Powerful lights, a large viewing window, the exclusive ‘Air Curtain’ feature along with the Vortex extraction system will keep your working space highly visible and clear of media while you are engraving – no more peering into a dimly lit cloud of dust through a porthole!

Complete with adjustable height, this machine really is ‘built for you’. The Padded Armrests also ensure a comfortable sandblasting experience.

1924 – A smaller unit than the 2034VXA, more suited to the low volume engraver or as a back up machine. It has the same high quality parts and Pressure Pot system as the 2034VXA, but without the Vortex Extraction system and is at a fixed height. This unit does have a dedicated extraction system, just not as advanced as the system on the 2034VXA.

We advise using a Hydrovane compressor with sandblasting cabinets, they are efficient, durable and very quiet. There is also a network of engineers throughout the UK for servicing. We also advise that an aftercooler is fitted to the compressor, chilling the air and removing moisture. Moisture is an enemy of sandblasters, due to the media tending to ‘clump’ and clog your machine when damp.

An alternative is to purchase a cheap ‘throw away’ compressor and we can advise you on the rating required.

Training Sessions – Receive training from the professionals!

Purchasing a Sandblasting Cabinet and Compressor will entitle you to a completely Free, one day, one to one, training session (usually £405.00), here at our factory near Inverness. We also offer a discount on a relevant course when purchasing other equipment.

Our training courses are tailored to your needs, where we focus on the skills you would like to improve upon, or, learn from scratch.

Glass Engraving Tools and supplies

We supply a variety of tools, supplies and accessories to aid you in the engraving of glass and crystal. Centralisers to mark registration lines at 90º to the handle of tankards and loving cups. Burnishers and spiking tools to aid in the efficiency of applying stencils and an inexpensive tape ideal for masking off the area around stencils prior to engraving. These are just a few of the tools and accessories that will help your engraving process be as efficient as possible.

During a training session we can show you how to use our ‘touch up pen’ and polishing kit, both can help you save money rectifying a mistake. We can also show you our colour infill and how to apply it quickly and efficiently – imagine a piece engraved for a 50th Wedding Anniversary, infilled with Gold colour!

With such a range of options available, you will no doubt have lots of questions!? We are proud of our extensive knowledge and will be happy to help and guide you on the most suitable equipment for your requirements.