The Glass Scribe aim to be your one-stop shop for all requirements of a glass and crystal engraving business.  Our comprehensive stocks of consumables are aimed to make your life easier and increase your profit margin!

Selection of some of the Consumables offered by The Glass Scribe - Release Paper, Sandblasting Grit, Fragile and Masking Tape.
From Vellums and Release paper to Sandblasting grit and Sandblast resistant Tape, along with Colour infill, Cerium Oxide polishing powder and Drill kits, we even carry stocks of Blue tissue wrapping paper too!

Selection of some of the Consumables offered by The Glass Scribe - Colour Infill, Cerium Oxide and Blue tissue Paper
Either LaserJet or InkJet Vellum is available, along with an Ultra High Quality InkJet transparency direct from Rayzist.  We’ll provide you with unbiased information on each and even cost-saving tips too!

Release paper is a must-have item, store your stencils on this specially coated paper.  It keeps your stencils safe from dirt and debris until ready for use.

High Grade, Pure White Aluminium Oxide.  Sandblasting is quick with this high-grade grit.  Being white it provides a beautiful matte white engraved finish.

Sandblast resist tape, at 50mm wide by 100m long, our ‘masking’ tape is extremely inexpensive, easy to use and extremely resistant to sandblasting.

Adding colour to your engraving is straightforward with our Durable, Opaque, Liquid colour enamel infills.  Increase your profit margin by adding a ‘splash of colour!’

Made a ‘costly’ mistake when engraving?  Try Cerium Oxide polishing powder with our drill kit and polishing bonnet to polish out those mistakes!

Blue tissue wrapping paper, add an extra thoughtful touch for very little cost and effort, keeps your customers coming back time and time again.

Masks and Sandblasting Films

We are proud to be the UK Distributor of Rayzist films and sandblasting equipment.

Whether it’s for our Trade Engraving service, or to make stencils for our customers, we only use Rayzist’s superior film.

SR3000 Self-stick film Logo. SR3000 is a photo-resist sandblasting film used to make stencils
SR3000 is the choice of film for professional glass and crystal engravers.  Being Repositionable and Self-stick makes SR3000 a joy to use.  Available as A4 sheets or 12″ wide rolls, we stock the following grades:
3mil – The most widely used grade of film by glass and crystal engravers.  Fine detail and Halftone images can be reproduced, with a resistance to sandblasting that allows a decent depth to be achieved.
4mil – Looking for a balance between achieving fine detail and depth/speed of blasting?  This is the film for you.  Good detail can be achieved, while the extra thickness of the film allows for higher pressure and/or coarser grit for blasting.
5mil – Excellent for multi-stage carving of glass and crystal, achieving good depth on harder materials such as stone.  Broad detail is achievable.


SR2000 Photo-resist film Logo. SR2000 is a photo-resist sandblasting film used to make stencils, and adhesive is required.
SR2000 is a non-stick film that requires RZ2 Adhesive to stick to a variety of surfaces, even those that are not polished!  Very Durable, this film is mainly used for projects that require an incredible depth to be achieved and/or on very hard surfaces.  SR2000 is available in a 6mil grade from our stocks, whilst 9mil can be supplied on request.


LazerMask Logo. LazerMask is a film that is applied to an item, the image is Lasered into the film, creating a stencil on the item and the item is then ready to be finished by sandblasting.
LazerMask is suitable for use with either CO2 or YAG Laser machines.  Cut a piece off and place onto the area to be decorated.  LazerMask is coated with a very strong adhesive, which will stick to many surfaces, making it very versatile.  Create the stencil on the item with your Laser Machine and then finish with Sandblasting.  LazerMask combines the speed of creating a single piece with a Laser Machine and the beauty of a sandblasted item.  LazerMask is removed easily leaving no residue behind.  Use RZ2 adhesive to apply LazerMask to non-polished surfaces to provide the required adhesion.


RZ2 adhesive is applied thinly, directly onto the rear of the stencil, a little goes a long way!  RZ2 will dry to a clear colour, highlighting that the stencil is ready to be applied to your item.  The outstanding adhesive properties of RZ2 allows you to apply stencils to just about any material.  Being water based, it is easy to clean with no chemicals required.

Pad Printing

Pad Printing is an excellent form of decoration, providing a low-cost, but good quality solution.  With prices starting at £0.32 per item, plus set-up costs, Pad Printing is ideal for short to long runs, where the same design/text is required on every piece.  Special promotional items, Wedding favours and Gift items are all perfect opportunities, along with Clubs and Associations that require a number of items decorated with their crest or logo.

Pad Printing Decorating on Glass and Crystal. Pictured is a few examples of printed glass and crystal.Frosted Colour print is the most popular because it emulates the colour of sandblasted engraving. You can also select from Black, Dark Blue, Gold, Green, Orange, Purple, Red, Silver, Light Blue, White and Yellow.

Just about anything can be printed onto glass and crystal items.  The print size will be determined by the image required and the article it is to be printed on, with a maximum size of 50mm in diameter.  We will size any image to suit the article, to give as detailed an image as possible, and to prevent excessive distortion.  Pad printing machines will decorate glass in a single position – they cannot print ‘wrap around’ designs.  We can, however, print in more than one position, i.e. on the ‘front’ and ‘back’ of Tumblers, Wine Glasses, etc.

Every item that can be printed, will show the relevant prices.  Some items, usually of a handmade nature, are only available to be printed in single colour.  This is due to the items slightly varying in size, therefore, not possible to achieve positioning/registration of more than one colour.

Our Crystal Gifts™ range of Flutes and Tankards are pad printed with designs for many special occasions, such as Anniversaries and Weddings, Birthdays, Christmas and Personal Gifts.  Packaged in a High Quality box, they are suitable to sell straight ‘off the shelf’!
Crystal Gifts is a Range of Pre-Printed items available from The Glass Scribe. Pictured is a selection of the Champagne Flutes available, printed with various designs.

Packaging and Branding

Premium Satin Lined Boxes to inexpensive Die Cut (DC) Boxes are available for you.

The Glass Scribe offer a wide range of packaging options. Pictured are examples of a Satin Lined Box, Rigid Box, Die-Cut Box and a TubeFrom Left to Right; Satin Lined Box, Rigid Box, DC Box, Tube.

High quality card is used to produce our wide range of Satin Lined Boxes, so they feel substantial and are not flimsy.  There is a Satin Lined Box to suit just about every item in our range!  

DC (die-cut) boxes are made to a high standard, yet offer an inexpensive, practical option for packaging.  Supplied ‘flat packed’ they are folded into a box very quickly and easily.

A range of Rigid Boxes is available, suitable for paperweights/coasters and Tablet style pieces.

We also offer a range of Tubes for smaller items, such as Shot glasses.  Complete with Black end caps that are a snug fit, and covered with a quality textured blue paper.


Branding your packaging is straightforward, and we complete this  ‘in-house’!
Branding our range of packaging by Hot Foil Blocking. Pictured is a variety of our boxes shown with Hot Foil blocking in various coloursWhether you are looking for a single box at a time or bulk loads, ensure your brand is on show and gaining you repeat business.  We brand boxes by either:
Hot foil blocking – suitable for flat surfaces (i.e. not tubes)
Pad Printing – suitable for both flat and round surfaces.


Hot foil blocking requires a plate to be created:
Hot Foil Blocking requires a Special Plate to be made. Pictured is an example of a Plate for our Hot Foil Blocking machineSupply us with your artwork to have the plate manufactured, it takes around 5-7 working days.  We hold this ‘on file’ for future use, therefore it’s a one-off cost, making it perfect for repeat jobs.  We’ll brand boxes from one at a time to many hundreds and thousands of boxes in this manner.  Costs are shown on our website for different price breaks of branding, the relevant code and quantity are simply added to an order online!

Hot foil blocking is available in Gold, Silver, Copper, Red and Purple as standard, other colours are available on request.  We’ll ask for your preference when you supply us with artwork and will keep this on record.


Pad Printing requires a different type of plate to be made, that can only be used once, so it’s more suited to a one-off job, or where Tubes are required to be branded.  Pad Printing also allows up to 4 spot colour branding, from a wide range of colours.  Find out more about our Pad Printing here, or please do ask for more information.


Offering you the very best in quality, The Glass Scribe provides a Trade Engraving service, along with a complete Drop shipping facility.

With no minimum order, we will supply a single piece to bulk loads.

The Glass Scribe offer a Trade Engraving Service. Pictured is a few examples of our engraved glass and crystal.

Using crisp black and white vectorised artwork, high quality stencils are produced using Rayzist sandblasting films.  Pressure Pot sandblasting cabinets afford us an efficient sandblasting process producing excellent results.  Items are washed, cleaned and QC’d before being packed.  Taking utmost care and using premium packaging materials along with world class courier options, your orders are delivered safely and on time, just about anywhere in the World!

Using our website to gain quotes and place orders for bespoke decorated items is swift and simple, yet offering comprehensive options, enabling you to cater to your customer’s requirements.

Simply click the button ‘Buy Engraved’ on the page of your chosen product and enter the details as prompted.  Our website will calculate the cost and present you with a quotation valid for 30 days.
Add a PO ‘number’ (it could be a surname or company name) relevant to your customer, for ease of finding the quotation within the ‘Unsubmitted orders’ section of your profile.
You can specify a ‘Required by’ date (we despatch in time to arrive on this date!) and select from available carriage options during Checkout.
If you are ever in doubt, please do contact us (referring to the sale number) and we will be pleased to help you.

For all engraveable items on our website, you’ll see prices for the following options:
1st Item – Logo + 12 words – You supply text and choose one of our designs, or upload your own.  We create the layout and engrave.
1st Item – Photo + 12 words – You supply text and a photographic image for a halftone engraving.  We create the layout and engrave. Please note some items are not suitable for engraving with a halftone, this price/option is not shown/available for such products.
Logo or Repeats of above – Used for three scenarios:
a) You are ordering 2 or more of the same item with the same engraving.  The repeats (i.e. 2nd item onwards) are charged at this rate.
b) You would like just a logo/design engraved.
c) You supply the text/design in an artwork ready format.  Preferable file types are; .ai, .eps, .cdr and High Quality PDF’s.  We engrave using your layout.
24+, 96+, 240+ – These are the quantities at which the ‘repeat’ cost is discounted.  i.e. the 2nd item onwards are charged at the relevant cost, given the quantity you are ordering.

Proof/visual available on request

If you have an extra special request or need help, please contact us via ‘phone or e-mail and we will be pleased to discuss the options available.

Glass & Crystal

The Glass Scribe offers you a wide range of Glass and Crystal products, from budget quality, inexpensive items suitable for promotional gifts and giveaways, to premium quality trophies and awards.

Wholesale Glass and Crystal Supplies at The Glass Scribe. Pictures are a few pieces of our wide range of Items; Inverness Crystal Tankard, Balmoral Glass Loving Cup, WhiteFire Optical Crystal Column and a Portrait Rock TabletPictured above are a few items from the wide range of Glass and Crystal items available in our shop.  From Left to Right; Inverness Crystal Tankard, Balmoral Glass Loving Cup, WhiteFire Column and a Portrait Rock Tablet.

Within our shop, you’ll find current stock levels along with helpful information such as Sizes, Weights, suitable Packaging, Material and method of Manufacture along with a guide on quality levels to be expected, helping you select the right items for your requirements.

In-stock items ordered prior to 1pm can be shipped the same day, on a next day service across much of the UK.  European destinations are just 2 to 4 days away, with the rest of the world around 7-14 days away!


The Glass Scribe is home to the following exclusive brands, either hand made in our factory, or manufactured to our specifications by other World class factories.

WhiteFire Optical Crystal is crafted from the finest Optical Quality Crystal to the highest standards. Every piece is cut, ground and polished, no less than 5 times, by hand, with a very tight tolerance on dimensions – Giving you confidence in Quality with every piece. WhiteFire is packaged in Blue Velvet Lined Caskets, complete with the WhiteFire Branding.
WhiteFire is a range of Optical Quality Crystal from The Glass Scribe. Pictured are a few pieces from the range, Glen Esk Flame, Globe in Hand, Cairngorm Column, Wedge Circle and Elevated Pyramid


Rock Tablets and Ice Blocks are Hand Made in our factory, made from 12mm Sheet Glass, the edges are finished with a running scallop – no two items are the same. We apply the strictest Quality Control to Rock Tablets and Ice Blocks, guaranteeing you and your customer satisfaction every time. Use the thickness of these items, by engraving the front and rear, to create a 3D effect, bringing life to your engraving.
Rock Tablets and Ice Blocks are Hand Made by The Glass Scribe. Pictured is the Diamond, Flame, Portrait, Hexagon and Landscape.


Balmoral Glass is a range of Mouth Blown, Hand Made glass. Each piece is unique and that’s before it’s been personalised! Deeply engrave a logo/design along with some carefully thought out wording, your customer will be proud to present it, while the end user will be enchanted every time they use it!
Balmoral Glass is a Range of Mouth Blown Hand Made Glass, exclusive to The Glass Scribe. Pictured is a Ships Decanter, Bubble Base Barrel Tankard, Chelsea Wine Glass, Bubble Base Barrel Vase and Bubble Base Tumbler


A range of Panelled and Fully Cut Crystal, Inverness Crystal is typically cut with our Traditional pattern, Diamonds surmounted with Fans, modern variations are also available. Panelled items have a well proportioned panel for engraving; a Club or Corporate crest along with thoughtful words make for an exquisite Trophy or present. All Inverness Crystal items may be presented in Branded Satin Lined Boxes.
Inverness Crystal is a range of Cut Crystal items exclusive to The Glass Scribe. Pictured is a Rose Bowl, Pair of Wine Glasses, Barrel Vase, Beer Glass and a Whisky Set

Delegate fulfillment

You may choose to fulfill the entirety of all orders yourself, or have The Glass Scribe fulfill line items which are Glass Scribe products (in which case your customer may receive more than one delivery).

Setting this option to “Yes..” will cause all line items placed on your E-Commerce Site which are Glass Scribe products to be automatically sent to The Glass Scribe for processing, and we will ship directly to your customer under plain label. You will still be responsible for fulfilling line items that are based on products that you have uploaded to the site yourself (including those from supplier lists.)

If you wish to handle all orders yourself, set this to “No..“.

Note: If you have uploaded any of your own design masks, then you will need to fulfill all orders yourself (even for Glass Scribe products).

Note: Printed items will always fulfilled by the Glass Scribe, regardless of your choice.

You will be notified of all orders place on your E-Commerce Site, regardless of this setting. Such notifications will explicitly indicate which line items you are responsible for fulfilling.

Your Price Markup for Artwork Charges

Your subscription includes showing prices on your website.

All of your prices are derived from our Wholesale Prices, but you can add your own markups.

This percentage markup applies to all additional charges for Artwork. Also, Set Up for Printed items and additional charges for Engraved items, such as Extra Words, Multiple Position Engraving and Colour Infill.

If you do not wish to add markup to our Artwork Charges on your E-Commerce site, enter 0 in the box.