Delegate fulfillment

You may choose to fulfill the entirety of all orders yourself, or have The Glass Scribe fulfill line items which are Glass Scribe products (in which case your customer may receive more than one delivery).

Setting this option to “Yes..” will cause all line items placed on your E-Commerce Site which are Glass Scribe products to be automatically sent to The Glass Scribe for processing, and we will ship directly to your customer under plain label. You will still be responsible for fulfilling line items that are based on products that you have uploaded to the site yourself (including those from supplier lists.)

If you wish to handle all orders yourself, set this to “No..“.

Note: If you have uploaded any of your own design masks, then you will need to fulfill all orders yourself (even for Glass Scribe products).

Note: Printed items will always fulfilled by the Glass Scribe, regardless of your choice.

You will be notified of all orders place on your E-Commerce Site, regardless of this setting. Such notifications will explicitly indicate which line items you are responsible for fulfilling.